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“As a reputable company, we take great pride in our customer reviews, which are a testament to the quality of service we provide. Rest assured, our clients have shared their positive experiences with us, and we are thrilled to see that our hard work and dedication have paid off. Our satisfied customer reviews reflect our commitment to excellence, and we constantly strive to improve and exceed expectations. We acknowledge that there may have been some minor spelling and grammar errors in previous reviews, but we can guarantee that each review is authentic and written directly by our satisfied customers. With that said, we invite you to browse through our collection of glowing customer reviews and see for yourself why we are a company you can trust.”

AMP Junk Cars in Brooklyn, NY takes care of everything quickly and efficiently when you have an old car to get rid of. They provided me with a great price, more than I was expecting, and took the car away the same day. AMP Junk Cars is reliable and easy to work with, and I recommend them for anyone looking to get rid of their old car. For all your car disposal needs, go with AMP Junk Cars.
I got a new car and needed my old car removed on the same day in Queens, NY. I found AMP Junk Cars while searching for companies and called them. They said they could pick it up on the same day when I asked if it was possible. It was a simple and convenient process, and it freed up my parking spot. I recommend AMP Junk Cars to anyone who needs this type of service.
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Lisa P.
Satisfied Customer
Hello, I wanted to sell my old car and searched for local companies online. I found some but they were in India, and asked too many questions when all I wanted to say was that my car was junk. They offered to pay me more, but only by check, which made me suspicious. They asked for my personal information, which increased my doubts even more. I checked their company on BBB and luckily I wasn't a victim of a scam. Then I found AMP Junk Cars. They were friendly, honest and showed up on time as promised. They paid me cash, just like they advertised. If you live in the Bronx or nearby New York City, I highly recommend you choose AMP Junk Cars. Thanks for buying my car! You guys are the best!
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William C.
Satisfied Customer
AMP Junk Cars helped me to dispose of my 2005 Honda Civic in Bay Ridge. They paid me cash and removed the car on the same day I contacted them. I highly recommend this company if you have a car you want to sell as well.
Jeff M.
Satisfied Customer
"Highly recommended! AMP Junk Cars paid me the best cash offer for my 2001 Nissan Maxima in Staten Island, NY. As promised, they picked up the phone right away and gave me a super great cash offer that included free junk car towing removal. I'm so glad I found this company; I would recommend it to anyone I know. Thank you so much, AMP Junk Cars."
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George T.
Satisfied Customer
I was tidying up my things in Williamsburg when I decided to sell my old 2002 Chevy Impala. I had trouble finding a buyer until someone suggested I try AMP Junk Cars. Their service was really great, and I had a very good experience with them. They arrived quickly and towed my car smoothly. They even paid me cash right away. I definitely suggest using AMP Junk Cars if you want to get rid of your old car.
Ashley F.
Satisfied Customer
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