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“AMP Junk Cars” is a reputable junk car removal service provider with over 30 years of dedicated service in the New York City area. Our team comprises experienced professionals committed to providing efficient junk car removal and cash for car services to our clients. Our exceptional track record has earned us the reputation of being a leading company in the junk car industry.

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At AMP Junk Cars, we offer a wide range of services to our clients. We understand that every client has unique needs, and that’s why we tailor our services to meet their specific requirements. Our services include:

Junk Car Removal

Our company takes pride in being a reliable provider of junk car removal services. We understand that having an old, damaged, or unwanted car lying around can be an eyesore and a hassle. That is why we offer a hassle-free solution to all our clients. Whether your car is stuck in your garage, parked on the street, or abandoned in a remote location, we have got you covered. Our team of skilled professionals is well-equipped to handle all kinds of junk cars, regardless of their make and model. Plus, we provide prompt and efficient service to ensure that your car is removed promptly. Trust us to take care of the entire process from start to finish, with no hidden fees and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Choose us for stress-free junk car removal and a clean and tidy space in no time!

Cash for Junk Cars

Our company is committed to providing high-quality cash-for-junk-cars services to our valuable clients. If you own an old, broken, or redundant car that no longer serves your purpose, we are here to help. Regardless of whether your car has been in an accident or has reached the end of its useful life, we offer handsome cash payouts for all kinds of junk cars and trucks. The process is smooth, easy, and efficient. All you need to do is get in touch with us and we will take care of everything else. Our knowledgeable professionals will evaluate the condition of your old car, provide you with a cash offer, and tow it away for you at no extra charge. You can rely on our trustworthy services to handle the sale of your junk car and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with peace of mind.

Why Choose Us?

At AMP Junk Cars, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional junk car removal service to our esteemed clients. We understand that your vehicle may be old or damaged and may no longer serve your transportation needs. Finding a reliable and efficient junk car removal company can be a challenging task. However, with our years of experience in the industry, we have refined our services to meet your needs. Our team of experts is highly trained, and we use modern equipment to ensure the process is safe and timely. As a result, we have garnered a reputation as one of the best junk car removal service providers in the market. We are committed to providing top-notch service to our clients and strive to exceed their expectations. Choose AMP Junk Cars for all your junk car removal needs and experience unparalleled service.

Top Dollar Payouts

We offer top dollar payouts to our clients for their junk cars. We understand that clients want to get the best possible price for their cars, and that’s why we offer top dollar payouts for all types of junk cars.

Years of Experience

Our company has been operating for over thirty years specializing in safe, efficient and fast car removal services. We take pride in our high level of expertise and experience in the field. We prioritize our customers’ individual needs and preferences in every job that we take. Our company keeps up with technological advancements to stay at the forefront of the industry. Our team of professionals is highly skilled and equipped with the best tools to deliver top-quality services. Our approach is tried and tested, making the process effortless for our clients, every time.

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